Visual Studio 2010 without Emacs

I have to admit that I like Visual Studio. Well, ok, I like Visual Studio 2008. The newest version (2010) sucks!

For some reason, Microsoft thought it was a great idea to re-write the entire back-end. As such, they dropped things with “low popularity” for “higher priorities.”

How rediculous!

What, exactly, am I so angry about? Emacs key-binding support. It’s gone! Microsoft, if you don’t have the time to invest to make a product at least as good as your last version, don’t re-write it. My team works almost exclusively with Visual Studio 2008 (which I rather like) but we will not be upgrading to 2010. Why? Because I’m stubborn. I’ve been a developer for a long time now, and I like emacs. Simple, yes?

According to Microsoft, emacs key-bindings were less of a priority than pretty gradients and a new icon style (don’t even get me started on the lack of a standardized backwards comparability format).

I say to you Microsoft, that if you want the several hundred thousand dollars that my department is willing to spend on a newer version of Visual Studio, you’d better pay a developer some cash to do something your products have done in the past. Until then, we’ll keep our money.


Check out Ray’s comment below for an¬†extension.

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