Empty Trash on Mac OS X without Secure Empty Trash

I’m not a huge fan of emptying the trash on my laptop. There’s really nothing too important on it anyhow. But this evening I felt like a little new year cleaning would be appropriate so I clicked the only option I had: “Empty Securely”. To my surprise, I had about over 200k items to be deleted.

It [...]

Boot Camp Fail: Boot disk not found

I decided it would be fun to try Boot Camp for Mac OS X Leopard 10.5.6. No, I wasn’t trying to install Windows. I like Linux much better. But I digress.

Sad Mac Icon

I launched Boot Camp Assistant, repartitioned my drive, did what I felt needed to be done, had my fun, and got tired of [...]

iTerm: It Just Works

Linux server administration requires shell access. It’s just that simple. Sure, you can use FTP for some things, and web-based administration (like cPanel or Plesk) works for other things; but you can’t call yourself an administrator without using a good-old-fashion command line interface.

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Twitterrific: Initial Impressions

I’ve been using Twitter for a long time now. Some time during my usage, I became totally addicted. It all started while sitting at a beach-side bar in Huntington Beach, CA with a friend. We were eavesdropping on a date next to us because the beach itself wasn’t very interesting that day. When the date got [...]

Burning an ISO, Mac OS X Style

Learn to burn bootable ISO files/images on Mac OS X. [...]