Empty Trash on Mac OS X without Secure Empty Trash

I’m not a huge fan of emptying the trash on my laptop. There’s really nothing too important on it anyhow. But this evening I felt like a little new year cleaning would be appropriate so I clicked the only option I had: “Empty Securely”. To my surprise, I had about over 200k items to be deleted.

It [...]

Michael Jackson Dies; Twitter Fails

In other news today, Michael Jackson is reported as dying at age 50. It’s very sad, but neither his death nor his ownership of the Beatles’ music is the topic of this post (although hopefully with his death, the latter will be transferred to somebody who plays well with Apple, Inc.).

Michael Jackson: Trending

After TMZ reported [...]

Boot Camp Fail: Boot disk not found

I decided it would be fun to try Boot Camp for Mac OS X Leopard 10.5.6. No, I wasn’t trying to install Windows. I like Linux much better. But I digress.

Sad Mac Icon

I launched Boot Camp Assistant, repartitioned my drive, did what I felt needed to be done, had my fun, and got tired of [...]

iTerm: It Just Works

Linux server administration requires shell access. It’s just that simple. Sure, you can use FTP for some things, and web-based administration (like cPanel or Plesk) works for other things; but you can’t call yourself an administrator without using a good-old-fashion command line interface.

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Twitterrific: Initial Impressions

I’ve been using Twitter for a long time now. Some time during my usage, I became totally addicted. It all started while sitting at a beach-side bar in Huntington Beach, CA with a friend. We were eavesdropping on a date next to us because the beach itself wasn’t very interesting that day. When the date got [...]

Burning an ISO, Mac OS X Style

Learn to burn bootable ISO files/images on Mac OS X. [...]