Ditching GoDaddy, using NearlyFreeSpeech.NET

I’ve been using GoDaddy for years. When I started using them many moons ago, they offered cheap hosting and domain registrations in what was a generally expensive market. I purchased my first .COM and .NET domain for ~$3.95 each. Years later, all GoDaddy hosts is advertisements for their useless or misleading products.

All I want is three [...]

Michael Jackson Dies; Twitter Fails

In other news today, Michael Jackson is reported as dying at age 50. It’s very sad, but neither his death nor his ownership of the Beatles’ music is the topic of this post (although hopefully with his death, the latter will be transferred to somebody who plays well with Apple, Inc.).

Michael Jackson: Trending

After TMZ reported [...]

Setting up a Virtual Private Server

A quick walk through on what a virtual private server (VPS) is, how to choose one, and getting started in a few clicks. [...] [...]