Visual Studio Debugger Running Slow

Over the past few days, one of my C# projects started debugging unusually slow. “What could be the cause?” I asked myself. It could be any number of things. I recently upgraded to Windows 7. Along with the upgrade, I changed to x64. I’ve marched along the forced upgrade path to IIS7. Any and all of [...]

Visual Studio 2008 and Emacs

I’m starting to use Visual Studio after years of disuse. It’s amazing to see all the improvements that have gone into Visual Studio since version 5! As a programmer who prefers working in a terminal window (I like the dark colors), being impressed by a GUI is something significant–especially since I’ve gotten used to using Emacs!

Yes, [...]

What is svn+ssh? How do I use it to securely keep track of code?

So you want to know about svn+ssh, eh? Maybe some basics will help first. I’ll try to (briefly) explain what SVN is, why you use it, and why you want to let go of your 10-foot poll when working with SVN and SSH combined.

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