Buzz Out Loud: A Podcast

I listen to a bunch of podcasts. They’re pretty nifty all around. Who would have thought that podcasts would take off? Some people say Apple–it is named after their, well, iPods. Most of my listening happens on iTunes as I absolutely love their library and playlist functionality, but I digress.

Buzz Out Load in iTunes

Buzz Out Load in iTunes

My favorite podcast is Buzz Out Loud. It’s a technology podcast (and technology is why you’re here, right?) of “indeterminate length.” It ranges between 20 and 60 minutes (hence the indeterminate length part) but usually ends up being around 40 minutes. I personally think the length is directly correlated to the temperature in the studio. If you listen to enough of the podcast, you’ll likely agree.

It’s hosted by Tom Merritt, Natali Del Conte, and Jason Howell, all top cnet personalities! It used to have Molly Wood and Veronica Belmont but the former has become an occasional guest host (which they try to have a guest host almost every episode at this point), and the former has left cnet. I personally miss the days of Molly Wood as her unique take on tech and famous Molly Rant ™.

As you can see from the iTunes screenshot, I’m a bit behind. But that’s OK because I’m getting back to current! I got an opportunity to meet Tom Merritt in Los Angeles last weekend, and I think that really prompted this post (and my desire to catch up on the episodes).

Anyhow, a bit more about the podcast from their official website:

Buzz Out Loud is CNET’s “podcast of indeterminate length,” featuring Tom, Natali and Jason’s entertaining, sometimes caustic, and always skeptical take on technology news. This daily podcast features commentary, guests, and phone calls and e-mail from our listeners.

You can stream the podcast live daily at (which also contains other cnet podcasts) with live chat. You might catch me there!

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