Burning an ISO, Mac OS X Style

Disk Utility

Disk Utility

Burning a CD seems simple, right? Mac OS X makes it ridiculously simple with drag-and-drop enabled burning. But what about burning an ISO? It’s unlikely that you want to burn the ISO file to a CD or DVD. Doing so wouldn’t serve much purpose. Thankfully those smart guys over at Apple thought ahead! Introducing: Disk Utility.

You can mount ISOs, burn discs, and even fix your file system. Pretty nifty, no? Of course, you do need to have a CD/DVD burner. My MacBook came with one.

First, find an ISO you’d like to burn. Select “Open Disk Image…” and browse until you find the image you’d like to burn. You can also navigate to the image in Finder, right click, and select “Open With” and “Disk Utility.”

It will appear on your list of drives. It even tells you where the image is located where it says “Disk Image Path.”

Right click on the disk image. A new menu will appear. Select Choose “Burn.”

Burn ISO Menu

Burn ISO Menu

A confirmation message will appear asking you for standard things like writing speed, verification, ejection upon completion, etc. Make sure you have a blank disc in your drive first. Once you’re ready, click “Burn!” The process will start.

Let it do its thing–it knows what its doing. When it’s done, it will let you know. You’ll get a notice and ejected disc, or it will appear on your desktop, depending on which option you selected.

Voila! Instant ISO burning! This works for burning bootable ISOs on Mac OS X as well. If you want to boot to your newly burned disc, hold down the option key during startup and you’ll be prompted for a boot drive. If you used a rewrite (RW) disc, you can even erase! But I’d suggest using the disc you just made. That’s why you burned it, right?

Happy burning!

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