Boot Camp Fail: Boot disk not found

I decided it would be fun to try Boot Camp for Mac OS X Leopard 10.5.6. No, I wasn’t trying to install Windows. I like Linux much better. But I digress.

Sad Mac Icon

Sad Mac Icon

I launched Boot Camp Assistant, repartitioned my drive, did what I felt needed to be done, had my fun, and got tired of Linux on my MacBook. Since I didn’t want the install anymore, I decided to delete it. I launched Boot Camp Assistant yet again, deleted the partition, resized my original partition, and went about my merry way. Little did I know about the Boot Camp Fail.

The next morning I started up my MacBook as usual. I walked away expecting things to progress as normal. Fail. When I returned, I was presented with an ugly black screen with the words “Boot disk not found.” Well, there were a few more words, some on the screen, some from my mouth in the form of expletives, but that’s irrelevant. I restarted, held down the option key, crossed my fingers, and was quite happy to see my Mac OS X partition smiling and waiting. I clicked the hard drive icon to start OS X and went about my way.

Much, much later. I restarted again. The same thing happened. I eventually got tired of forgetting about the boot problem, restarting, holding down the option key, and clicking just to start up my MacBook. I went on a great quest to fix it.

  1. I opened System Preferences.
  2. I clicked “Mac OS X, 10.5.6 on Macintosh HD”
  3. I hit command-Q.

That was simple. I restarted a bit later and the issue was resolved! Hurray for my MacBook. I’ve heard that fixing your drive permissions can also help. You can use the Disk Utility for that. But that’s another post, which I don’t feel like writing right now. Comment if you really must know.

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